ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ Melvin Salas

The Wild Story of Doritos and Disneyland

Yo, ever thought of Disneyland and, like, crisps at the same time? Bet not. But, fun fact, one of the most 🔥 snacks out there, Doritos, got its start there!

Back in the 60s, Disneyland wasn't just about Mickey and rides, but was vibing as the ultimate American dream. And in this dreamland, boom, Doritos entered the chat!

So here's the tea: There was this spot called "Casa de Fritos" (think: Mexican food vibes) managed by Frito Lay. They had this issue with leftover tortillas (like, a lot). Instead of just trashing them, a local supplier dude, Alex Foods, was like "Why not chop 'em, fry 'em, and serve 'em as crisps?" That's the 411 on how the first Doritos were born.

Frito Lay peeped the potential real quick. In '66, they decided to drop these crisps nationwide and slapped the name "Doritos" on them. To stand out in a world of basic crisps, they leveled up and introduced flavored tortilla crisps. Their first flavor, Taco, was a whole mood in '67.

Fast forward, Doritos kept the innovation game strong with flavors that are kinda like global fits. From spicy to cheese, to lime, to guac, Doritos ain't just a snack, it's a vibe.

Even with some drama (like health claims and stuff), they kept their cool and pivoted. Today, with 100+ flavors worldwide, Doritos is legit snack royalty, all thanks to a Disneyland glow-up. 🎢🌮👑