Pencil making

Pencil making

August 5, 2022

The pencil making is the process of creating a pencil from two different sources that are combine to create the final product.

The first source is the creation of the leads, which starts with the combination of three different elements (ground graphite, clay and waten) and converts them into graphite dough. After that’s the result is pressing to create graphite rod and it is cut into sticks called leads. These leads are dried by an oven heated at 800 degrees.

The second part is the creation of the pencil from a piece of wood. For this process the pencil leads need to be ready because is used in it. As soon as the wood is cut by a special machine into wooden slats, the leads are put into two slats like a sandwich and connected by glue. Then a shaping machine create smooth finish. Now the pencil is created.