ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ Melvin Salas

Embrace the 'So What?'

In today's world, haters and negativity are just part of the game, but Susie Moore's "So what?" mindset is like our secret weapon. When you come across nasty comments or life's curveballs, just hit 'em with a "So what?" This mantra is all about reminding us that other people's opinions don't define us. Most folks are too busy flexing on social media or dealing with their own drama to care about our stuff-ups, so that fear of other people's opinions (FOPO) is basically a non-issue.

With Moore's vibe, we can ditch the need for external approval and focus on our own self-love. When life gives you lemons, just shrug it off with a "So what?" and keep pushing. What really matters is your own happiness and growth journey. So, next time the haters try to bring you down, flip that "So what?" switch and keep rocking your own unique path to success