ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ Melvin Salas

Dark Harvest, a Halloween Flick

I'm super skeptical about Halloween movies, you know? It tend to be so cliché, but this one was surprisingly lit.

Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest tells the story of this farming town that's like trapped, and they have to battle this monster that shows up every year on Halloween eve. For some weird reason, only teenagers around 17 years old can take it down, and they gotta kill that monster before midnight strikes.

When the big day comes, all the teens are released into the streets as like mercenaries while everyone else hides in their houses. The winner gets crowned at this victory dance, cash prize, and a car to bounce out of town. That's the only way you get to leave this place.

But yo, during the night, things get hella sketchy. These teens start going all homicidal, even turning on each other, just to be the last one standing and bounce as the champ.